Tentsen Marquee Tents wall covering material

2018-12-29 12:30tentsenmarquee-stretch tent for sale

Tentsen Marquee Tents wall covering material Such as side wall cloth with transparent PVC window, full transparent tarpaulin and side wall cloth, ground anchor nail, column bearing plate, ceiling decoration cloth, tarpaulin digital inkjet, glass curtain wall, glass door, ABS hardware wall, glass door, Structural brackets such as drainage troughs and air-conditioning systems are all made of high-strength aluminum alloy profiles. The steel parts are hot-dip galvanized and rust-proof. The tarpaulin is made of flame-retardant double-sided PVC synthetic fiber cloth, which has the excellent function of waterproof, fireproof, combustion and UV protection. The wind resistance can reach eight to ten levels under normal installation and fixed conditions. The production of all links is strictly in accordance with the ISO international quality management system. All finished products are shipped after strict quality inspection and trial-fit compliance standards to ensure the safety of the products and the feasibility of the demolition. The tents are different from traditional buildings. Three elements: A, safe and stable, solemn and elegant, natural against a variety of harsh environments B, superior combination of features, extended infinite space C, flexible assembly and transportation, fast transportation.

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